Counselling for Anxiety: Your Starter Guide

Have you noticed that you’re feeling anxious more often than you’d like, or almost as a default? This might look like feeling extra tense about things, jittery, a sense of dread, or a weight that just won’t let up. However anxiety feels for you, it’s important to understand that there are strategies and tools that […]

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People working around a table. Text reads "The Young Professional's Guide to Mental Wellness"

Counselling Near Me in Brisbane: A Young Professional’s Starter Guide to Mental Wellness

Here in Brisbane, the hustle of professional life meets the quest for personal fulfilment. Enter an impossible balancing act that feels fraught with sacrifice somewhere. This guide delves into why mental wellness should be a priority for you as a young professional in Brisbane and how finding the right counselling near you can be your […]

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Navigating Family Dynamics During the Holidays

Tips From Your Local Brisbane Counsellor: Navigating Family Dynamics During the Holidays

The holiday season, with its festive spirit and (potentially) joyful gatherings, often brings an additional, less talked about guest to the table: complex family dynamics. As a Brisbane counsellor (and fellow human) I’ve seen firsthand how end-of-year gatherings can stir a pot of mixed emotions. Here are some common experiences we’ve heard from clients, along […]

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Easy wellbeing-boosting tips you can fold into your life right away.

Ask a counsellor: do i have burnout?

Five symptoms to look out for and five things you can do to start feeling better right away.

Here's some stuff they should've taught us at school.

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