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Online Counselling: How to Get Started

Telehealth Counselling on the Sunshine Coast Here at Golden Thread Therapy, we aim to deliver high quality mental health care through both in-person and online counselling. I’m Ash Montgomery, a solo practitioner who works with my therapy dog, Beanie. (If you join us online, you’ll notice Beanie often snoozing away in the background!) Online counselling […]

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Blog Image: Emerging Trends in Mental Health from My Experience as a Student Counsellor

Mental Health: Emerging Therapy Trends

Emerging Trends in Mental Health from My Experience as a Student Counsellor. Hi, I’m Zoe! I’m a student counsellor completing my Master’s in Counselling, and here on placement at Golden Thread Therapy in Ashgrove. I’m super excited to have been working here this year to help local Brisbane clients meet their mental health goals. If […]

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Counselling for Anxiety: Your Starter Guide

Have you noticed that you’re feeling anxious more often than you’d like, or almost as a default? This might look like feeling extra tense about things, jittery, a sense of dread, or a weight that just won’t let up. However anxiety feels for you, it’s important to understand that there are strategies and tools that […]

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Easy wellbeing-boosting tips you can fold into your life right away.

Ask a counsellor: do i have burnout?

Five symptoms to look out for and five things you can do to start feeling better right away.

Here's some stuff they should've taught us at school.

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