March 24, 2024

Emerging Trends in Mental Health from My Experience as a Student Counsellor

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mental health trends from the perspective of a student counsellor

Hi, I’m Zoe!

I’m a student counsellor completing my Master’s in Counselling, and here on placement at Golden Thread Therapy in Ashgrove. I’m super excited to have been working here this year to help local Brisbane clients meet their mental health goals.

If you’re interested in what makes people tick like I am, you may be interested to hear about what consistently comes up in therapy sessions. This can give you an idea of what therapy may look like – and also remind us that we are not alone in our struggles!

Anxiety About The State Of The World

One of the biggest things that brings people to therapy these days is anxiety around the state of the world, and stress about out-of-control circumstances like inflation, cost of living, and things like that. This one isn’t that surprising, as everyone is feeling the pinch right now. What we can do in therapy, however, is work on how to manage these intense emotions, and bring our focus back to what we can control, bringing about more stability and security in our lives. 

Attention & Focus

Another thing that regularly brings people to therapy is a lack of concentration and focus. Clients of all ages report struggling with staying attentive. Between competing responsibilities, technology overload and society’s general lack of mental health literacy, managing and maintaining focus can be super difficult. However, in therapy, we can work on goal setting, time management and retraining attention. All is not lost! 


Finally, a common thing we see here in the clinic is relationship issues. Not just romantic, but familial, co-worker, and friend-based. Relationships are at the core of most of our lives, and maintaining them in a healthy way can be difficult. Here in the clinic, we can work together on emotions, attachment and communication, to help grow your relationships into positive and happy places.

I wanted to share these to
a) let you know you are not alone in experiencing these things, but also to
b) let you know that you can work on these things in therapy!

We have had some great successes in reaching goals in these areas, and that can be you too! Are you interested in getting started? I have extended hours available from the 2nd to 12th April, including options to book therapy evening sessions after work.

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